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White Cabinets



This Kitchen has a clean look with all-white cabinets.  This homeoner likes bright colors; unfortunately these pictures were not taken in the best light, so the colors do not pop in these pictures like they do in-person.


These cabinets were purchased through Standard Kitchen.

Stained Cabinets

I wanted to give you a look of a kitchen with stained cabinets, to give you another look.  These cabinets are from Wildwood, which is a local custom cabinet maker.  

Two-Tone Kitchen

This kitchen is similar to what I invision for your kitchen.  I think it has a similar layout, with two-tone cabinets.


This kitchen has the convection oven and convection microwave (that works as oven or microwave). 


These cabinets were purchased through Dixie Kitchen.

Welcome, Susan Kozemko:

Here are some pictures of recent kitchens we have remodeled.  Each kitchen has a slide show.

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